Who Maddness

Maddie lives in Denver, Colorado and started painting at the age of 2 (on the walls! To the absolute horror of her mothers!) She studied studio art at Northern Arizona University and after graduation, used her design skills to help nonprofits and larger corporations win grants, communicate to shareholders, and train employees by not just focusing on content, but also on design.

She rediscovered her love for painting in 2018 when she moved to the country and started painting horses. In 2020, she began an art mastery program which will finish in the Fall of 2021. Her designs are inspired by contrasts. She evokes a sense of whimsy in one piece, while exploring the darkness in our world (both corporeal and spiritual) in another. Just as she is not one thing, her art isn’t either. She likes the juxtaposition of hard and soft with her wire and thread pieces; using large, bold colors for delicate portraits; and creating soft, whimsical pieces that cast dark shadows.

In her 2021 collection, which has evolved at one of the most tumultuous times in history, you will see nods to Greek mythology (Pegasus rising from the blood of the slain Medusa is a returning theme), many call outs to Death and his pale horse, and her series titled "Soul Mates" which explores how we don't have to look the same to fit beautifully with someone else.

Why "WhatMaddness?"

Maddness was a nickname given to Maddie in college, and it just stuck. She started a Twitter account in 2016 with the handle @whatmaddness and it evolved into a place where she could write jokes and small bits of fantasy. Some of her paintings come from her tweet stories, including "The Switch." She's working on a book of short stories, which will be finished sometime in the next 2-60 years.


Awards // Publications // Exhibitions

// Best in Category - Art ("Pale Horse") - From Whispers to Roars Volume 3, Issue 1: 2020

// Selected to show at the Art in the Time of Corona Global Exhibition ("Rinse and Repeat and Repeat") Exhibition Here

// Participated in WCA’s “Beyond the Surface” exhibition at Core New Art Space in Denver, Colorado (“Komorebi”)