Who Maddness

Hi, I'm Maddie. I live in Denver, Colorado and I'm an oil painter, although you'll sometimes find mixed media work from me as well.

My approach to art has always been to figure out how to find and translate fleeting moments of magic. Whether that's capturing the 30 seconds of a specific gold that you see on one blade of grass at sunset or the feeling of whimsy you get when imagining a group of raccoons having a raucous party. There is so much magic in the world and it's important to recognize and honor it. I hope you resonate with the things that I find magical.

Why "WhatMaddness?"

Maddness was a nickname given to me in college, and it just stuck. I started a Twitter account in 2016 with the handle @whatmaddness and it evolved into a place where I could write jokes and small bits of fantasy. Some of my paintings come from my tweet stories, including "The Switch." I'm working on a book of short stories and accompanying paintings, which will be finished sometime in the next 2-60 years.


Awards // Publications // Exhibitions

// Best in Category - Art ("Pale Horse") - From Whispers to Roars Volume 3, Issue 1: 2020

// Selected to show at the Art in the Time of Corona Global Exhibition ("Rinse and Repeat and Repeat") Exhibition Here

// Participated in WCA’s “Beyond the Surface” exhibition at Core New Art Space in Denver, Colorado (“Komorebi”)


College // Programs // Workshops

// Northern Arizona University - Studio Art - 2009

// Milan Art Institute - Art Mastery Program - 2020

// Pushing Colored Dirt - 2021